Sides. An Afterthought?

Why are the sides served with barbecue typically second rate at best?  I have a theory..

My theory is that because barbecue is so steeped in local tradition that it has a tendency to not change, ever.  Afterall, you aren't supposed to mess with tradition. And if you do, people get angry.  Well that is only partially true of course, traditions change all the time.

When it comes to barbecue, if you try and talk about your sides, people typically roll their eyes and think oh boy they are talking about the sides so the barbecue must be bad.  Its like you are forced to not focus on the sides, and that is just a shame, because they are a large part of the meal, the Robin to Batman, the offensive line to the quarterback, the nice set of wheels to your new car!

Of course you need the holy trinity of sides to be considered a valid barbecue joint, otherwise its just blasphemy. (potato salad, coleslaw, beans)  But why does it always have to be cabbage swimming in a watery mayonnaise or beans fresh out of the can or boring potato salad perfectly cubed by some machine?

Our menu was designed to bring some southern favorites to you.  Start of with warm German inspired potato salad with a slight sour and smokey bite.  Our beans will be your traditional ranch style beans with mild jalapeno and chipotle heat.  The coleslaw will be the biggest jump from tradition featuring purple cabbage and honey crisp apples, sure to have the perfect crunch and not swimming in disgusting white sauce.