Our Goal

Why does the biggest and best city in the biggest and best state in the US not have the best barbecue?

Why do people think of central Texas as the best barbecue in the state? We aren't the only ones saying this.

Oak Leaf Smokehouse is two Houstonians attempt to help raise the bar of Houston barbecue. Just two miles east of downtown nestled in historic Eastwood neighborhood, Oak Leaf Smokehouse promises delicious and tender barbecue served with sides tasty enough to stand on their own.

To be clear, we aren't saying there isn't good barbecue in Houston, we are just saying there isn't much of it.  Surely not enough. And why is it that when you do find that delicious tender morsel of smoked goodness, you usually have to settle for mushy potato salad, boring beans or sauce logged coleslaw?

Why can't we have good barbecue with good sides and good sauce?    Come join us and decide for yourself if Houston's barbecue scene just got better.