Our Approach to BBQ

Our focus is the food, not shiny neon lights, glittery armadillos, wooden Indian statues and paved parking lots.

When we opened Oak Leaf we bought an old building built decades ago.  It has been a car hop, Italian restaurant, speak easy, gambling room plus who knows what else.  We decided to make this restaurant the best we could make it by focusing our time and resources on the food and not the building.  So our parking lot a is a little scary and our patio isn't shaded and we have park benches out there.  We keep our restaurant clean and tidy, but we don't have perfectly manicure hedges and many other fancy corporate niceties you will find at chain restaurants.

But the money we don't spend on a fancy decor we spend on the food.  

That means is you get really tender brisket because we use USDA upper choice beef.  The only grade is prime which is what is used at high dollar steakhouses.

We make our food from scratch in house like our sauces and sides.  We have creative sides like broccoli slaw and good old corn pudding.  We use what seems like a pound of butter in every piece of chocolate cake.  There are no preservatives or high fructose corn syrup in our sauces, its basically sugar, tomatoes, salt and pepper.  We don't skimp!

So if you want fancy parking lots and creatively designed hedges please go to a chain, if you want really good food come to Oak Leaf Smokehouse!