In Defense of the Lowly Chopped Beef Potato

No one will claim the chopped beef potato as haute food.  Even in the down to earth world of BBQ cuisine, a chopped beef potato is kind of considered a way to make the meat go further.


But, the chopped beef potato should be celebrated! It isn't just a vehicle for leftover brisket. Beef and potatoes are a classic combination found throughout the culinary world.  Can you imagine ordering a steak without some form of potato, whether it is fried, mashed, or roasted? A chopped beef potato is just another delicious example of this.


A good baked potato combined with BBQ will elevate the two into something different altogether.  By combining rich and smokey chopped brisket with the buttery potato texture you create a completely different experience. It is decadent down-home comfort music for the soul.  This is not to say it is better than a perfect slice of brisket, but one can only eat so much brisket before over indulging on pure protein.  The potato provides just enough starchy balance to let you stuff yourself with even more meaty goodness.


Heck, some restaurants like the Pecan Lodge in Dallas have put a different spin on this with their Hot Mess, a baked sweet potato smothered in BBQ goodness. (No relation to our hot mess which is BBQ covered Fries with Queso)  The added sweetness from the sweet potato adds an extra element to the already decadent blend of flavors for a whole new experience.


Our own twist on this southern classic is to actually smoke the potato too. This adds an additional dose of rich smokiness in every bite. Trust me when I say it will be the best chopped beef potato you ever had.


Oak Leaf Smokehouse Smoked Pulled Pork Potato

These are easy to make at home, here is how.


Recipe for Smoked BBQ Potato

Take the largest potato you can find, we use 40 count. (means the potato will weigh between 15-19 ounces)

Microwave for 15 minutes. (this par cooks the potato to make sure the middle gets cooked)

Coat with oil of your choice and a heavy dose of kosher salt.

Smoke for 2 hours at 250.

Cut a slice down the middle of the potato and push the ends together to open it up.  Load with butter and shredded cheese first. This makes sure the cheese and butter melt. Then add sour cream and chopped green onions.  Finally top with a heaping helping of your favorite BBQ.  Chopped beef is the best, but pulled pork and smoked chicken salad also work. Enjoy.


So hooray for the lowly chopped beef potato.  If you make one let us know how it turned out.