How to Order Brisket at a BBQ Restuarant

Want to get the best serving of brisket every time?  Make sure you know what to ask for. Here are some pointers on how to order at Oak Leaf Smokehouse or any BBQ joint worth their salt...

It occurred to me the other day after I got a customer email about the fat in our brisket, that a lot of people love brisket but don't necessarily realize that where you get your slice from will dramatically change your brisket experience.  So here are a few pointers to help out when ordering.

The brisket is essentially broken down into two areas, which are most commonly referred to as the lean and the moist.  This can vary regionally and even how the brisket is sliced varies, but if you say lean or moist that should make sense to any brisket slicer.

Lean (flat, dry, bottom) - This is the typical brisket slice most people think of when it comes to brisket.  These slices are typically long and skinny and have the nice ring of smoke around the edges.  If done properly it should still be plenty moist, but little if any noticeable fat.

Moist (point, top, wet, loose) - This part of the brisket has a lot more fat marbled into the meat.  Most if not all should be rendered into the meat, but you may still see some of the fat streaks in the meat.  Obviously this will be much juicier and have more flavor.

Typically we try to server a little of both on every order, but when we get busy, that doesn't always happen.  So if you have a preference please ask and we will be glad to get you what you want.

Happy Eating!